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Kering says no Fur

Over the last couple of years, brands have been making a public stand for the environment. They have been saying no fur. Many brands under Kering have already pledged to not use real fur anymore. However, now Kering has a policy across all of their brands. Peta is somewhere rejoicing, putting down their buckets of blood. The real question now is what is the fur alternative? Is it just more plastic? (CNN)

Photo Credit: CNN

V stands for Vaccinated.

Last month, Piccioli gifted 5 of his friends a Vaccinated hoodie. This hoodie soon went viral once Lady Gaga wore it and everyone was wondering where she got it from. Valentino has finally released their vaccinated hoodies and for just $695 you can have your own. Valentino partnered with Unicef to deliver this hoodie. Profits from the sale will go to the COVAX program. This Unicef program brings more access to the vaccine, COVID tests, education and more. This hoodie is currently on sale, so be prepared to see it all over Instagram. (Hypebeast)

Photo Credit: Instagram

Real Hot Girl Workout.

Megan thee stallion is now a “hot girl coach”. Earlier this year, she held Hottie Bootcamp and tracked her workout with her followers. Nike must have been watching because she now has her campaign and fitness program on the Nike Training app. Download the app to see what Meg is working on and her story.(WWD)

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

The New “It” Bag…maybe

If you are on the hunt for the new bag that everyone will be wearing, look no further it is a bag designed by Antoine Manning. The unique round bag ranges in the price point of $150 to $275. This Black Atlanta-based designer created this vegan leather bag after the pandemic. It will be available on Black Fashion Fair today and 20% of the sales go back to the black community. (WWD)

Photo Credit: WWD

London Fashion Week starts and ends.

London fashion week has come and gone. Did you get a chance to check out some of your favorite London-based brands? This London Fashion Week was the scene for new designers. If you are looking for inspiration, look into their fashion week. (CNN)

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

Savage Fenty Vol. 3 releases

If you are looking for new lingerie, Rihanna has you covered. Today she released her latest Fenty collection. Models like Gigi Haid, Erykah Badu, Precious Lee, Nas, Bia, Jasmine Sullivan grace the runway. While performances like Normani stun you. You can watch this new runway show on Amazon Prime. (WWD)

Photo Credit: Bazaar

Milian Fashion Week

If you keep up with brands like Prada, Armani, Missoni, or Fendi This is the fashion week for you to keep up with. Starting on the 22nd this fashion weekend on the 26th. Designers like Max Mara and Emilio Pucci are sure to stun you. (Vogue)

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

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