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Serena X Nike

In 2019, Serena and Nike partnered to bring a team of 10 emerging designers designs to life. With the help of Harlem’s Fashion Row, they selected 10 underrepresented designers. This week those designs come to life. From patterns with hidden Ss in them to her daughter’s initials. Each piece represents Serena’s life. (Vogue)

Photo Credit: Nike

Made in the USA

The Met Gala usually takes place on the first Monday in May. However, due to the pandemic, it takes place on September 13, 2021. We have all been on the edge of our seats waiting for the theme. This week they announced their theme: In American. In the wake of a troublous American, the Met turns their attention to American-based fashion. This 2-part exploration will talk about all things made in the USA and will span over 3 centuries of fashion. The first part will open with designers we all know like Ralph, Donna Karena, and Calvin Klein. With such a straightforward theme, the thought of how celebrities and their stylist will interpret this is now the question. Hopefully, we don’t just see a lot of Tom Ford Suits. (Vogue)

Photo Credit: Vogue

Levi X Naomi Osaka

If you are looking for an upcycled brand to shop for, check out the new collab with Levis and Naomi Osaka. This 4 piece collection includes a beautiful bustier and a kimono. This collection has an unknown release date but plays on her heritage. These two have worked together, but this limited collection may e their best yet. (WWD)

Photo Credit: Levi’s® x Naomi Osaka | Campaign Imagery

Shein Gives Back.

Shein has been known to cause more harm than good. They are a fast fashion brand that steals from independent designers. However, this year they are doing some more good than harm. Shein just launched a 100,000 design competition. This Youtube-based series will have panel judges like Law Roach, Khloé Kardashian, and Christian Siriano. Not only will the grand prize winner be awarded 100,000 and one-on-one help from judges. Their collection will also be featured in Shein’s 2021 fall fashion show. September 12th is when the winner will officially be announced. (WWD)

Photo Credit: WWD

Black women in Luxury Consignment.

Luxury Resell has been a huge part of the fashion industry for so long. Over the last couple of years, this side of the industry has been growing and receiving more recognition. Like most areas of fashion it is hard to find black women involved. In this WWD article, they interview 4 black women in the consignment game we should know. If you are in the ATL area, Yuris Market opens their first brick-mortar store in September. (WWD)

Photo Credit: Yuris Market Twitter

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