If you are trying to stay up to date with all the latest fashion news. Make sure you check out our new fashion series, sponsored by BlackFash. Here you will find the fashion articles you should know about before heading into the weekend. Milian fashion week came to an end and Paris Fashion Week started over the last week. Here are some shows you need to go look at.

Balmain Spring 2022 RTW

Balmain celebrated its 10th anniversary with Olivier Rousteing. Olivier has brought new things to Balmain and the fashion world over his last 10 years there. An example is the celebrity influence on social media, via the Kardashians and the bandage body con dress moment. He has proven himself as a young 25-year-old man that could hold this Parisian fashion down. In this show, Olivier pays homage to the last 10 years and the future ahead.

Versace x fendi Pre-Fall 2022

Even though this show was in Milian, it’s worth looking into. Over the last 2 years, we have seen big fashion houses collab. Gucci and Balenciaga, Prada and Raf Simon. Now we have Fendi and Versace. Donatella took over the latest Fendi collection and you can see the Versace influence. Fendace is what the collab has been named. The casting is something that stands out, however, the clothes may not do the same. Fendace has the classic Versace print with a chaotic styling, and it has been getting mixed reviews. Versace has been on a downward spiral, hopefully, Fendi doesn’t go with it.

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

Thebe Magugu Spring 2022 rtw

Thebe Magugu has slid under the radar for each of his shows. Thebe never gets the coverage he deserves, but this season that has changed. Instead of doing a runway collection, he decided to do an installation for this collection. Each piece stood in front of their inspiration, family photographers. Turning some old and memorable into something new and innovative is the theme and we love to see it.

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

Ottolinger Spring 2022 RTW

Can Ottolinger do any wrong? This Spring collection still kept the same answer no. Each piece is a current reference to a woman’s closet. Its starts off with ribbed cotton and destructive pieces– then it travels into tailored coats and unique silhouettes. This collection is the perfect combination of Gen Zs and Millennials. We will see these pieces in celebrity streetwear.

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

Botter Spring 2022 rtw

Rushemy Botter put together a collection that was environmentally driven. Botter sent his designers to set up coral nursey to help with the oceans rehabilitation. His collection is a reflection of that. From the set design to the color scheme. Botters new collection has well-tailored blazers that can be mixed and match, as well as upcycled rain jackets. This collection is a perfect example of how to translate real-world events into fashion.

Photo Credit: Botter

Rick Owens Spring 2022 RTW

Rick Owens is something like a cult classic. Many fashion designers and enthusiasts look up to him. This collection is no different. Owens experiments with silhouettes and draping. This collection also offers you grand capes and long robes that flow. He also inputs destructive knits. This collection is filled with inspiration

Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

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