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The Queen Bee is always full of surprises. Her very minimal appearances in the public eye now make sense; she was building our anticipation for a grand entrance, the release of the Adidas and Ivy Park collaboration. The line launched Jan.18, and her fans went crazy via Instagram and Twitter. The designs are athleisure meets high-fashion drama. Deep burgundy, bold oranges, asymmetrical and oversized pieces make up the visual spirit of the collection. But the cherry on top of this dynamic collaboration was the marketing and advertising strategy behind the release and it was incredible.

The Ivy Park and Adidas team made their way to the top, starting with their preview of the line days before the launch. 

Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Rowland, Yara Shahidi, Ciara, and Missy Elliott are a few of the starlits Beyoncé hand- picked to reveal her new line. The celebrity gift receivers recorded their reactions live. Whether it was a Instagram story or a tweet on Twitter, their experiences felt personable. Each celebrity represented a unique audience, ethnicity, body size, etc.  They received a bright orange wardrobe cart, which quickly became a social media hit. So if you didn’t know about the release, you learned through the countless memes of salty fans re-imagining their own Ivy Park x Adidas reveal.

All of these instances added to the beauty of the release.  It was authentic fun and many of us could feel and see the strategy and how genuine, but precise it was.

The roll out! Original and creative.
The beautiful Janelle Monae in her Adidas x Ivy Park 2020.

Beyoncé has always been on top of her game, whether it’s music, fashion, beauty, she really knows how to stop the world, forcing us to take notice of what she has for us. Although her items are completely sold out since the release, we are ready to support once the restock hits.  

As we settle into the new decade, I can only imagine how marketing will continue to evolve. It is collaborations such as this one that keep us inspired and raises the bar for all creatives. 

You can find restocked items here to be directed to the Ivy Park Adidas.

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Beyoncé Ivy Park Marketing

Beyoncé Ivy Park Marketing

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