Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

If you have never experienced the bliss that is coconut oil, I suggest going to your closest grocery or health store and buy a jar. Coconut oil has over 100 uses and is one of the beauty’s best-kept secrets. You can either buy it in its liquid form or while it’s solidified. The most best type to buy are, cold-pressed, raw, virgin and unrefined to truly reap all its benefits. Here are 8 beauty benefits of coconut oil:
1. Makeup remover

Many of you by now have seen a few cosmetic lines come out with “Make-up removing balms.” The product comes in a pomade and with a little heat from your hands, it melts into an oil you can use to remove your makeup. Well, coconut oil does the same thing for a fraction of the price and not to mention many of the health benefits your skin can receive from its use. You can melt coconut oil into your hands and gently massage it into your face to break down the makeup  apply a face towel and softly wipe away. I would rather use my hands because it helps break down the make-up faster and is easier on your skin.

2. Moisturizer 

Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer for any part of your body: from hair masks to your body, lip balm, a facial and eye moisturizer– the list seems to be endless! I personally like to mix it into thicker lotions, especially now with the colder months for extra moisture and easier application. A DIY hair mask can leave your hair baby soft, either applying the oil by itself or alongside a conditioner and leave it in for an hour and rinse. It also does a beautiful job with moisturizing your face. My only precaution is to use it sparingly to see how your skin reacts. It can clog your pores if you apply too much and too often. At night after I wash my face I like to mix it in with my day-time moisturizer, so I’ll still get the extra moisture my skin needs.
3. Natural SPF

Coconut oil has a low occurring SPF of 4-7 which can add a small layer of sun protection for your skin. A lot of us don’t use sunscreen year round, or at all. If you already use coconut oil in your routine as a body or facial moisturizer it can be an effortless time saver. Coconut oil isn’t strong enough to offer full protection from UVA/UVB rays, so make sure to add SPF when in direct sunlight.


4. Natural teeth whitener

Yes, you read correctly coconut oil can whiten your teeth. It isn’t going to be as strong or as quick in results as if you were to go to your dentist, but perhaps you can use this as a method of maintenance. The process of whitening your teeth with coconut oil is called oil pulling. The essence of oil pulling is to remove toxins from your mouth. It whitens your teeth because coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial, and it contains lauric acid. So while swishing in your mouth, the coconut oil is removing all the bacteria that can cause plaque, unhealthy gums and tooth decay– all while freshening your breath. Each morning before brushing your teeth take a table/teaspoon (depending on how much you can handle ) of the oil and swish it back and forth like mouthwash for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, spit it out in the trash NOT the drain, because it can clog your pipes.


5. Reduces wrinkles anti-aging

Coconut oil is composed of antioxidants, more specifically Vitamin E, which help stop damage to our cells. Coconut oil can keep your skin nice and plump and moisturized to keep it wrinkle-free. But over time your skin does lose its elasticity, and the production of collagen slows down immensely. The antioxidants and the moisturizing properties of coconut oil will help.


6. Natural deodorant

The lauric acid within coconut oil is anti-bacterial, which means it can help fight off odor-causing bacteria in your underarms. It can also be a gentle moisturizer since some deodorants can be drying and rough on your skin. Everyone’s body handles products different, so results will vary, but it is an excellent way to give your skin a break from harsh antiperspirant.


7. Tanning oil 

Soaking up the sun’s rays was never a bad thing for our skin; we need vitamin D. Tanning becomes dangerous when we stay out in direct sunlight for too long. The moisture in our skin begins to evaporate hence why our skin starts to dry out and peel. Coconut oil contains saturated fats that hold up well under heat, creating a protective layer that helps our skin retain its moisture. It also accelerates the production of melanin, which can absorb the sun rays so our skin won’t burn so quickly.


8. Aids with weight loss

Much like avocados coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats that our bodies benefit from. The oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) that are easier for your body to digest. Since they aren’t stored as fat, it is an instant boost for your metabolism and energy. Eating a spoonful or adding to your meals can help you feel satiated longer and is an easy way to begin including the oil into your meals.

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