Self Love is being loved with every part of yourself. Taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well being to please others. Not settling for less than you deserve. We are in trivial times, from a pandemic that shows no signs of ending, war, student loan debt, economic struggle and social unrest. As a society there are many reasons we can find to be unhappy, but now more than ever it’s time to become radically serious about Self Love. We cannot truly pour into others if our cup is not full.

In the film, Self Love produced by ART 7, 4 creatives are open about their experiences with love. They share how they grew up and what they were taught about love. Recording Artist, Siena Liggins shares her experience with unlearning European standards to conform, “There have been times that I have misconstrued love for myself for things I’m glad I unlearned, like colorism, hair texturism or even my sexual identity. ” When it comes to self love we bring our views, traumas and upbringing to the conversation and it can be a hinderance or a light. See what these brilliant minds have to say about the act of Self Love.

Film Credits: EP: @Rachsimmon EP: @Kaylah.waite Production/Assistant: @Vanessafox Production: @art7prodn x No Limit Creatives: @Paigeshari , @Chelseasarae, @Sienaliggins, @Herok

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