During the peak of the no-makeup makeup trends, finding products that acted as beauty enhancers were of paramount importance. Gone were the days of piling on foundations and powdered to achieve the look of flawless skin. But when it came to the less is more era of makeup darker hues were overlooked leaving Black and Brown makeup lovers with a limited number of options. Options that often contained harmful chemicals and ingredients. 

Luckily a new brand is here to save the day. Ami cole, pronounced (ahh-mee, kOhl-Lay), founded by Harlem native  Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye, is the makeup revolution that is long overdue. Inspired by her mother, her Senegalese roots and all of the beautiful Black women in her life N’Diaya launched the long-awaited Ami Cole in May 2021 to bring the no-makeup makeup essential to us all! The clean brand currently consists of three products, the skin-enhancing tint, light-catching highlighter, and lip treatment oil all catered to melanin-rich skin tones.

Founded on the basis of creating an environment surrounding clean beauty that was understandable and accessible. Ami Cole’s products are all formulated without harmful chemicals like aluminum and silicones that are often found in makeup products. Providing vegan and cruelty-free makeup products, Ami Cole gives ups makeup that is good for your skin with nourishing ingredients like Baobab seed oil that helps to soften the skin while still leaving a flawless finish. 

The skin Enhancing tint acting as the base product is meant to reveal and quite literally enhance all of the natural beauty of your skin without concealing it. The skin tint works by evening out the skin and supplying a blurring effect while also hydrating the skin. The tint is available in 6 shades for light to deep tones and is formulated to allow for a breathable base so that your skin still looks and feels like skin! 

The Light Catching Highlighter is next in the Ami Cole 3 step routine that will have you glowing from within. The translucent highlighter stick is a universal product that leaves you with the perfect natural glow. Lightweight in glimmering this highlighter would give the sun a run for its money.

The Lip treatment oil is another universal product with a highly nourishing and hydrating formula. The lip oil comes in a deep mauve shade that applies to the lips leaving an ultra-shiny sheer pink finish. Moisturizing and comfortable this lip oil is not just a lip gloss it’s true lip care! 

Ami Cole’s clean beauty brand offers all of the essentials for a flawless simple makeup look and can also be paired with other products to offer more coverage or help achieve a full glam look! Shop Ami Cole now at amicole.com

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