Alba Botanica Astringent  and Pimple Patches

When it comes to skin care understanding your skin type is most important. There are so many products out there and if you buy without education of your own skin, chances are you will be left disappointed. I have super sensitive and oily skin. After only 1 or 2 hours after washing my face, my skin is shiny, especially in the warmer months.

What I found that was missing from my regimen was an astringent to follow up after washing my face. Alba Botanica has an all natural deep clean astringent that leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup that my cleanser can’t pick up. I can even go longer without pulling out my oil sheets throughout the day.  It is a part of their Alba Botanica Acnedote line, so it has Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract to fight stubborn acne and is paraben, sulfate and fragrance-free with 100 percent vegetarian ingredients.

I also recently snagged their new on the spot pimple patches and they are the bomb. I scar very easily, so I’ve stopped using on-the-spot treatment gels as they are sometimes are harsh on the skin. The acne patches, however, are great for all blemish prone/sensitive skin and stay on overnight. I place them directly onto a pimple right after I’ve washed, toned and moisturized my face. By morning time the pimple has reduced in size and you can even see on the patch where a pimple has drained. Sorry if that’s TMI, but I love to see my results! Find the pimple patches at your local Walmart or Target.

These products are great if you’re struggling with acne and oily skin. They are sensitive on the skin but tough on oil spills, pimples, and acne scars. Try it below!


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Alba Botanica is a brand that supports the environment and natural skin care through the use of all natural products.  Find out more about their products and mission here. 


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