Since its founding, AFROPUNK has dedicated itself to creating vibrant experiences that use music, art, technology, conversation, food, and more to celebrate Black culture throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and the diaspora. Today, AFROPUNK announces that rising Afrobeats superstar Rema will headline the first ever Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami, bringing his signature bounce to the one-of-a-kind event. 

Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami is the first-ever “AFROPUNK Live Experience.” The three day event brings a wide-ranging collection of musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists to Miami, brought together by their connection to the Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latinx communities. The first day of Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami brings discussion panels and an art exhibition, followed by two days of live music, great food, and other activations. The first in-person live event Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami takes place between May 20-May 22 at The Urban and surrounding grounds, located in the city’s historic (and historically Black) Overtown neighborhood.

With this first of its kind event, AFROPUNK seeks to bridge the gap that exists between members of the African diaspora through food, dance, tech, art and stimulating conversations that emphasize and embrace the commonalities within the various communities. In between the live performances, audiences will get to enjoy the Spinthrift Market, a shop market full of talented makers, selectors and curators from all across the diaspora. Additionally, AFROPUNK’s Bites ‘n Beats, the literal embodiment of “food for the soul,” provides event goers an opportunity to indulge in cuisines from renowned chefs and local food trucks. AFROPUNK announced earlier this year its plans to expand its live footprint beyond Brooklyn into more cities, bringing Live Experiences not only to Miami but to cities like Oakland and Minneapolis.

Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami is also partnering with Shopify to premiere an immersive screening celebrating Black entrepreneurship from AFROPUNK and Shopify’s Black Fashion Accelerator program, an intensive entrepreneurship program that will help prepare nine promising talents for long careers in the industry, culminating in a fashion show to be held this summer. The Black Fashion Accelerator spans six months, offering the inaugural Accelerator Class of entrepreneurs access to experts and resources–including Program Mentor Chris Bevans, creative director at DYNE, plus three guest mentors who will help guide the process–as they journey through a top tier curriculum that allows them the opportunity to bloom as artists and build successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses

With many more artists and unique activations to be announced, Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami ushers in a new era of AFROPUNK live experiences, allowing for all elements of a local culture to be expressed freely and fully. 

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