Recently I’ve been waking up feeling like the weight of the world is on my chest. One Saturday morning I sat and stared at the ceiling for hours. I kid you not. I felt hopeless, inadequate, insecure, etc. You know that feeling where the world feels like its folding and you don’t want to fight back? You’re tired of fighting back.  Yeah, I know that feeling. I’m thankful to have the faith in God that I have, and I believe words are powerful tools that can combat negative thinking. The longer we let negative thoughts linger, the more we’re allowing depression to set in. Here are 10 affirmations to keep you feeling empowered.


1. Write Down Expectations

A lot of times we feel down because expectations we feel were not met. We all have goals and aspirations and when it feels they aren’t moving fast enough, we begin to doubt the journey. The expectation that we should be in a certain place in our lives can weigh heavy. Let downs of friends and family and what we expect them to be can also leave us feeling down. Write down all the expectations you have and throw them in the garbage. As long as you are being consistent with your goals, and discerning when you need to take a detour, you are on the right path. Expectations are fragile. Optimism is the answer, but understanding that life may not always happen the way we expect it to can improve mental health.


2. Remind yourself of why

We may start a project or business with a specific mission in mind. As time progress it is easy to allow outside forces dictate the trajectory of our journeys. When you’re feeling burdened by the opinions of others, remind yourself why you started the journey– in the end the why is what will have longevity.


3. Say Out Loud What You’re Thankful For

Depression will try to sneak in when everything around us feels like it’s falling apart. When you wake up and throughout your day, say out loud what you’re thankful for. I’m thankful for a place to sleep at night, I’m thankful for a car, I’m thankful for a job, I’m thankful I have all my senses, etc. When we really think about it, there is so much to be thankful for. Take a moment and meditate on it all.


4.  Smile

Studies show, when you force a smile, it tricks your brain into thinking you’re happy and endorphins are released. Even if you don’t feel like it, smile.


5. I am Unique, No One Can Do What I Can do Like Me


Say it loud! We compare ourselves so much, we forget how unique we are. We are not designed to look and think like everyone else. We’ve all heard the cliché be yourself. Don’t make decisions because of what the world might say, make decisions that are fulfilling to you and your purpose because you have something the world needs.


6. I am beautiful

This is an easy one, but in a world where social media, tv, and movies give us an image of beauty, it’s important you tell yourself how beautiful you are. And although beauty is not just the outer appearance, telling yourself you are both physically and soulfully beautiful is important to your mental health.


7. I have the strength

We underestimate ourselves and what we are capable of doing.  You’re not put in any situations that you aren’t equipped to handle. Instead of I can’t do it why not say you can? What will you lose? Having faith in yourself will never produce negative outcomes.


8. It May Not Look Like It now but…

Walk by faith and not by sight. The most important part of success is the journey to get there. There are highs, but you can’t get to the highs without pushing through the lows. When we keep a positive outlook we are declaring a future that we are certain is ours. Stay patient and submitted to the process, it will all pay off.


9.  Say Out Loud All The Negative Thoughts and Follow Up with That is A Lie

Do you see a pattern here? It’s about tricking your mind into believing the best and you will believe it. I can’t go on, this is too hard, I’ll never be as good as so and so. Whether we like it or not, negative thoughts will come, but following up with that is a lie is a great start to believing the best about ourselves and our lives.


10. Don’t Give Up Your Power

Giving up and speaking negativity in your life is you giving up your power. Don’t be defeated, when you feel like giving up remind yourself of who you are and come back and read this message.


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Featured Image photo by Autumn Goodman

Originally Posted February 19, 2019.