From walking the runway to simply walking the streets, supermodel Adut Akech is known to make a fashion statement. Since arriving on the modeling scene in her Saint Laurent SS 17 runway debut, the South-Sudanese model has appeared in many runway shows and campaigns. Solidifying her name in fashion, she has also had her fair share of history-making moments including being the second Black woman to close a show as a Chanel Couture Bride. But while she is accustomed to dawning some of the most beautiful Haute Couture pieces her personal style is just as intriguing. As is seen on her Instagram Adut is truly “that girl” with style grace and an elite fashion sense. Today in a 7 days 7 looks video with vogue the supermodel showed us an inside look at her style and she’s dropped some major knowledge along with it.

1. Accessories should be fashionable and functional

In her first look, Adut sported a simple casual ensemble wearing black  Leggings (Rosetta Getty), a tank top (Rag & Bone), a jacket (Helmut Lang), and Melodi Asani x Jordans collab sneakers. But the real stand out if these looks were the accessories and no, not her Isabel Marant bag (though, it was a piece to be admired) but her Gold rope Airpod chain. Now I’m not sure if it was how cute the chain looked or the fact that it never occurred to me to wear my AirPods around my neck but this necklace was truly exciting. Functionality + Fabulousness and a combination I can get behind

2.The perfect Pair of jeans is essential 

Her second look of the video was an elevated casual look where the supermodel wore a lavender crochet crop top (Zara), Black wide-leg Jeans (Zara), and black thong heels (Sorella Boutique). While she looked absolutely stunning as per usual the model was open about the struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans for her body. A struggle that most women can relate to. Jeans will fit in one place and not in others and the search for the right pair can seem endless. But once you find the right pair, never let them go.

3.Pop of color? Um yes please

Throughout her entire video in which she showed 7 different looks it was clear that the runway model was not afraid of some color. With pops of green, orange, pink and lavender Adut made one thing very clear that adding a pop of color to a look not only makes a look more fun to wear but also more exciting to look at. Whether it be pairing bright orange pants with a simple white top and sneakers or adding a colorful bag to a neutral look she shows us that you never have to compromise being fun when it comes to looking chic.

4.You don’t need heels to look chic

Something that Adut does impeccably, she also shows us that you don’t need heels to make a classy or even dressy look. Always managing to seamlessly combine chic and streetwear aesthetics, pairing sneakers or boots with polished outfits, she shows that comfort can be stylish. Even in her introduction, in which she wore a plush white robe and rainbow-colored crocs this message was clear. Though a good pair of heels can make anyone feel fabulous and powerful a good pair of flats or sneaker or even crocs can do just the trick

5.Kick off the heels (when no ones looking)

Adut dropped another gem in her video that we can all pick up and take home with us. When no one’s looking, take the heels off and give your feet a break! Now, this is this one I’m sure is one that will resonate with almost anyone who loves a high heel on a night out. Take. Those. Heels. Off. when no one is looking of course. As the supermodel sported a Little lack dress and Sparkly heels (Rene Caovilla Cleo) and bright pink Jimmy Choo bag she said some words that could be carved in stone and hung in a museum they were so profoundly relatable “I definitely cannot do heels all night long They come off on the way to dinner. They’re off at the dinner table where no one can see. When we’re at the party they are off!” I used to be so opposed to taking my heels off at any point in the night but hearing that world-renowned supermodel dut Akech take her heels off in the club was a breath of fresh air. As much as I love a good heel, sometimes we’re here for a good time and the heels must go!

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