Social Media Detox

Social media is the most beautiful and most horrifying advancement we’ve ever been introduced to. I’ve discussed social media here before but this piece is meant to filter out the noise and get straight to the point. If you’re feeling less than yourself after a scroll through your timeline you’re doing social media wrong. There’s no question about it. Here are 4 signs you need a social media detox:

1.  Comparing Yourself

Instagram is a social hub. It has the power to educate, influence and bring a new perspective. It also has the power to shift your mood, plant seeds of depression, anxiety, and inadequacy. Instagram is my favorite social media platform, but when I didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with it. One of my 2017 New Years Resolution was to build a better relationship with Instagram. For me, that meant to stay off of the explore page, and I could not scroll through my feed for longer than 60 seconds. I also unfollowed any accounts that made me anxious and blocked any accounts that brought on negative emotions. After 6 months, I started to view Instagram in a new light. Now whenever begin falling into old traps, I go back to set those boundaries.


2. First Thing You Do When You Wake Up

Most millennials look at their phones when they first wake up. This is okay if you’re checking the time, stopping the alarm or reading a devotional or scripture. But when your brain automatically wants to open Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’re addicted. Your morning should start with you, exercise, read, meditate, shower, pray, etc.  If you’re feeling strong urges to check social media that means you’re off balance. It’s probably time to take a break from social media.


3. You’re Distracted

If you can’t get anything done, dinner, cleaning, working on a project, homework, time with family etc. because you’re too busy on social media, its time for a detox. Social media is a great tool for information and entertainment, but should not get in the way of everyday responsibilities. Social media can inspire, but it can also taint your creative process and discipline. Fight the urge by setting boundaries for yourself there are several apps such as Offtime, Moment, BreakFree, etc. that help with blocking apps during certain times of the day. Do what you need to do to avoid the social media distractions.


4. Seeking Validation

I’m guilty of this one along with number one. Instagram being the main culprit. I use to post and get anxious when a photo didn’t receive enough likes, and if it did, I felt good about myself.  Posting a photo on Instagram and receiving comments and likes produces endorphins in the brain, which make us feel happy. The euphoric feeling comes instantly and then it’s gone. All you can think about next is when you’re going to post your next picture, subconsciously looking for that euphoric feeling. Its addictive to say the least, so we have to be aware and practice healthy social media habits. If you feel like you need social media to feel beautiful or wanted, take a break from it, love on yourself, set social media boundaries and return. It will only destroy you if you allow it to.


What are some ways you keep a healthy relationship with social media? Share below.


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Featured Image Photo by Ian Dooley