If I’ve ever struggled with anything, I’ve struggled with comparison. Comparing myself academically, financially, spiritually and physically. I’ve felt at times I wasn’t good enough in one area or another based on the lifestyles of others. I felt I didn’t look the way media says black women should look to be considered attractive or right out of college, employers weren’t/aren’t blowing up my phone for job opportunities, but it seemed every time I look up a colleague was landing their dream career. I’m even guilty of comparing myself to women who may be smarter, more talented or attaining success faster than myself.  The result of this was insecurity and anxiety–feelings of inadequacy. I’d begin compromising myself to compete, only to end up empty and still unsatisfied. I always felt stuck as if anything I did wasn’t enough.

What I had to learn and learn fast, was that every single time I compared myself to someone else, I was robbing myself of joy and the freedom to live comfortable in my own skin. Comparison stifles dreams, creativity and happiness. Comparison is simply a waste a time and here’s 5 reasons why:


1.You Have Specific Talents That Only You Are Equipped With

We each were given skills, personality, creative intuition and passion unique to us. Think of them each as an ingredient that make up a recipe leading you to your own path and purpose. That path works to impact to change the world in some small or big way. Imagine if everyone began stealing ingredients from others, your recipe begins to look, taste just like like someone else’s. When you compare and imitate, the world is losing out on something special.


2. The Grass Is Truly Never Greener

Social media is the underlying culprit of comparison. In the matter of seconds we are pumped with images of fashion, expensive vacations, perfect relationships and families. People broadcast their accomplishments, talents and lavish lifestyles–giving audience opportunity to praise and compare. But how much of this stuff is true? And if it is true how many of these people are really happy? And if they are happy, you must ask yourself is it for you? Although it looks nice, it may not always be for you.  Love what’s yours and what’s been given to you.


3. You’re Crippling Your Own Gifting

Every time you use energy on being jealous or attempt to be something that you aren’t, you are wasting energy that could be given to your God given talents. Don’t waste time trying to keep up with the world or what you see on social media. Instead put that energy into the passions that are important to you.


4. Someone Needs You To Be Your Authentic Self

Your life is not just for you. There’s someone always watching you, whether its a child, co-worker or colleague. There’s someone who admires something about you. Maybe you look like them or come from a similar background. How wonderful would it be for them to see you confident in your journey, how you look and what you believe in. When you stick to the ingredients that were given to you and follow your purpose, you are are sure to change a life.. or many.


5. You’ll Never Be Satisfied

There’s no such thing as perfection, only what is perfect for you. Constantly looking outwardly at what others have or appearances only leads to a dead end road. Once you attain that job, that look, those clothes, that income, you will only look to attain more. No matter what you get, you’ll always feel empty because its not the life you were created to live. Until you stick to your own destiny– your own recipe, you will never truly be fulfilled.