Just picture yourself on an island waves crashing smoothly against the shore. Your skin is glistening from the sun and in your hand is the best fruit mixed drink you ever tasted. While we’ve been quarantining for 9 months with a pandemic, people have lost their jobs, homes, and loved ones. Just maintaining some sense of sanity in itself is an achievement, but if you would like a well-deserved trip here’s a list of 4 places to vacation during COVID-19 that are open for travel and filled with safe fun.

1. Tulum

Grab your mask, and fill with excitement as you finally roll those suitcases through the middle aisle again. It can be said that during COVID-19 Tulum, Mexico is undeniably the travel go-to. However, do not worry mask usage is mandatory so if your anything like me, make sure you have a mask that goes with every fit. Tulum is the cheaper option than the other two of the touristy trio in Mexico such as Cancun or Cabo. So while you’re having the time of your life there is no need to double-check your bank account every couple of hours. Moreover, medical centers are divided for regular symptom patients and those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Drop the worries, pack the swimsuit, and get ready for an unforgettable beach vacation.

2. Puerto Rico

As we’ve been forced to quarantine in our homes and things are finally starting to feel like normal again, what better way to restart than a safe trip? Puerto Rico a beautiful island within the United States is a great option. All travelers entering Puerto Rico must fill out a Travel Declaration Form, take a COVID-19 test (nasal or throat swab) no more than 72 hours before, and provide proof of a negative result. Public beaches, restaurants, bars, and limited attractions are all open. So clearly your chances of catching COVID here are slim to none. Enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine, and go zip lining through the forest, anything you need to feel back to reality.

3. Napa Valley

Trip to Europe canceled? Well, recent tourists are calling Napa Valley the new Europe away from home. Enjoy fine dining, great wine, and beautiful scenery while still being six feet apart. Auberge Du Soleil a luxury resort in Napa, received a 4.9 out of 5 in cleanliness being one of the many resorts who fully spray down their rooms since COVID. Moreover, wineries and restaurants are open for outdoor & indoor service, with 25% indoor capacity for wineries and 50% for restaurants. While, hotels, spas, and retail shops continue to welcome guests. So don’t unpack those bags and reroute your travel arrangements to Napa Valley and enjoy a weekend of fine wine plus dine.

4. Cabin Trip

Who says you have to leave your state to go a vacation? Most states have areas up near the mountains or the woods, with great clean cabin rentals available. Apps such as Airbnb and Vrbo, have made it easier to find these homes. Moreover, these apps have gone out of their way to implement and enforce safety and cleaning restrictions in order to guarantee a COVID-free stay. Whether it is Big Bear in California or Lake Altoona in Georgia, the possibilities are safe and endless when taking a cabin trip. CDC has recommended not to have gatherings over the size of 10. So grab nine of your friends and family to enjoy some quality bonding time and maybe a little karaoke.

Now get rid of the frowns and the constant bickering due to confinement. Make sure you follow safety protocols and you bring a mask with you everywhere you go. Because out of these listed 4 places to vacation during COVID-19, one has to be calling your name. The year 2020 has been a long one, but it is not too late to turn it all around and this trip might just be the jumpstart you need to do so.

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