Shot by C.Rose Smith


I’d think most would agree that we have entered a decade where pursuing your creative passions has become more and more accepted in society. 10-15 years ago saying that you were using your talents as an artists or even your style to earn a living through social media would be frowned upon, but millennials are forever changing the way the world views art and its potential as a career. Fennella or Fennella Like Whoa as some know her on social media, has taken this phenomena and ran with it. She is a social media expert, entrepreneur and eclectic fashion reference for many of her social media followers and peers at Spelman College. She’s iconic for her unique wigs– to big gold curly fros to cute pink pixie cuts– she’s experimented with just about every hue she could get her hands on. And it is her authentic ability to express her creative self that stapled her identity as a creative.

If people don’t understand your vision they’re not suppose to be a apart of it.

Fennella’s parents being from Sierra Leone have a heavy influence on her artistic inheritance. With a father who appreciated the eclectic acoustics of reggae and a mother who stayed abreast with the high-fashion industry, Fennella was destined to be the quadruple threat that she is today. Her style is enough to turn heads with her loud colors and trendless fits, “ I incorporate a lot of research into my ensembles, doing research is like digging for treasures, you never know what you will find, but you usually find something valuable,” she stated in our sit-down.

What has been most remarkable about her image is that she has used it as a positive influence to inspire others to not be afraid to be themselves and pursue their God given talents. Breaking past the fear is key to success and fear of criticism lingers on us all, Fennella shared an inspiring quote from one of her mentors,”If people don’t understand your vision they’re not suppose to be a apart of it.” And it is this philosophy that keeps her surrounded with positive and supportive peers to move her talents and business ventures forward. One of her most recent projects, Echelon Twelve  is an organization that aims to bring HBCU campuses creative resources and as the organization blossoms, so does her will to create– the talents are endless.

Here are some of Fennella’s most talked about looks:


IMG_8505 (1)






Each of her ensembles read a different story, from the dainty-feminine to the dark edge and soul eccentric–  her versatility and courage to be herself is a rarity, but her unique impact will continue to make a difference to the stifled artist and the stifled soul.


Find her on instagram @fennellalikewhoa