Some of our favorite Black designers are bringing awareness to the onward non-binary movement by creating gender-inclusive garments meant to be worn for any and everyone. Giving you even more reasons to buy Black.

Gender-inclusive attire is clothing that is designed to be suitable for both genders. The idea to not attach garments to a specific sex is making a huge appearance in today’s fashion. Designers are diversifying the industry by cancelling the concept of traditional clothing being hyper-masculine or hyper-feminine.

As the push for individualism increases, society has come in unison to break yet another stigma in fashion by advocating for the gender-inclusive movement. Yes, even including the power behind Cancel Culture and the “want to be” trend setters, that too are a victim of society’s subjective, tasteless and unjust opinions upon what genders can and cannot wear.

Fashion is more than just fabrics, textures, prints, stitches and designs. It’s one of the many forms of art that allows people to be free. In other words, fashion is an expression, whether you’re designing the garments or modeling them. Fashion is a rewritten story told by billions of people through the lens of individualism and creativity. It’s how people wake up and choose to present themselves to the world through their means of culture and lifestyle. 

Not being able to wear the finest staple pieces in your wardrobe, the perfect ray of colors that compliment your skin in the best ways or the accessories that add to the final touch of your look, because society has attached its existence to gender roles and sexuality, needs to be stopped. Last time I checked, fashion has never been about being conscious or insecure due to being judged and marginalized. In fact, it’s always served as space for people to authentically show up as themselves. 

Although he is best known for his musical contributions while being part of the Southern hip-hop duo Outkast, Andre 3000 is a perfect example of someone who once broke barriers in fashion. 3000 was given the style icon title as his wardrobe constantly centered around being eclectic, dynamic and bold. Andre’s nonconforming looks consisted of wigs, furs, Kangol hats, bright colors, baggy jeans, bell bottoms, even women’s clothing that easily made him a fashion and musical mogul. He never failed to use his Black expression to set a unique tone in fashion.

It’s safe to say that society needs to stop using fashion as yet another tool to dehumanize and degrade individuals, its outrageously out of style. Let’s cancel society’s need to have a say so in what we allow to define us. Male or female, wear whatever you want, remember, as long as you look good, you feel good!

As fashion continues to evolve, several designers have taken the steps to bring back the diversity aspect to style. Below is a list of gender inclusive clothing brands owned by Black innovators constantly breaking barriers and setting their own standard by bringing awareness to inclusivity in the fashion industry today. 











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