1. Anxiety About 2020

Most of us would agree 2019 was rough, and while we aim to be optimistic for the coming year, it can be difficult to not fear the unknown. The residue of loss and trauma can bring on feelings of anxiety. Despite any trials we must decide now that 2020 is a win. Set your goals and intentions for the new year visualize all the great events that will transpire. We cannot avoid the challenges that life brings, but we can reset our thinking. It may sound cliché, but it beats the alternative.

2. That Situationship

What is it that you both want and are you on the same page? Do not go another year guessing where you stand in a relationship. If you want something long term, don’t settle. Living below your value is no longer an option.

3. Poor Eating Habits

Making the changes necessary to maintain good health is imperative. Start small and realistic and build from there. Maybe it’s adding a green drink every morning or cutting out soda. Or you can start the year off with a challenge and go on a fast. Whatever you choose, you must take steps to improve your health in the new year.

4. That “Friend” Who Takes of Advantage of You

Your circle or lake thereof is important– event if its cheerio tight. Friends who encourage you and support your goals are essential to achieving them. Friends who deplete you of energy and are not adding value to your life are not welcome with you in 2020. If you plan to aim high this year, you’ll want to assess your environment, which includes detoxing negative people from your life.

5. Small Thinking

Don’t be afraid to think large. Often times we are taught to feel guilty for wanting more for ourselves. Visualize yourself in higher places if that’s your hearts desire. Go for the ultimate best for yourself, don’t settle for mediocrity.

6. The Wrong Intentions

Self -reflection is a part of growth. Being honest where there is malice, unhealthy competition, jealousy, fear in your heart. If the moves you are making aren’t centered in pure intentions it will come back to bite you. Discover the root of your desires and assess if its selfish motive or for the greater good.

7. That Job Sucking Your Soul

The time we spend is valuable. If you’re working a 9-5 and that is where your purpose and passion lives, you’re on the right track. If you’re at a job that is not a tool to getting to achieving the larger goal, you should re-assess how you’re allocating your time. Spending your time in anywhere that is impacting your mental and spiritual health is a waste of time. If you’re detoxing at the top of the new year consider where you’re using your time and ask yourself is it worth it?

8. Financial Illiteracy

Have a financial plan in place this year. Ask questions like how can I make more money? How can I make steps to acquire financial freedom? What monthly subscriptions should I unsubscribe from to save money? Make 2020 a year to enhance your financial literacy. Learn more on paying off debt, investments, saving, credit building, etc. You can start with reading books such as: Rich Dad Poor Dad, You Are a Badass At Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth, Total Money Make Over, etc. etc.

9. Self Doubt and Comparison

You’ve heard it over and over again. Your journey belongs to you. It is a disservice to your purpose and personality to compare your life to another. It breeds jealousy, self- doubt, feelings of inadequacy. In 2020 keep your eyes on your own path.

10. A Closed Mind

If you’re not willing to have new experiences, learn new information, meet new people, understand the experiences of others who are not like you than you’re not growing. A closed mind is a suffocating soul. Challenge yourself this year to step outside your comfort zone.

Feature Photo by Kevar Whilby